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Toyota Oil Changes in Dearborn, MI

Not all Toyota vehicles have the same oil change needs. Some may require a full-synthetic oil to maximize their engine’s protection, while others may only need conventional oil change services to get them by. You can always check your owner’s manual if you’re not sure about what type of oil you can need, or you can give us a call at LaFontaine Toyota. Our certified technicians are always ready to help you determine what your Toyota’s service needs are, and will happily get you scheduled for an oil change service immediately after determining your oil type. Schedule your Toyota oil change online today, and give your Toyota’s engine the best protection with service from LaFontaine Toyota.

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Types of Oil Changes for Your Toyota

Conventional oil is the base level of oil change service available at LaFontaine Toyota. This oil provides your engine with quality protection, without the maximum range of benefits you get from a semi-synthetic or full-synthetic oil change. If your vehicle needs conventional oil, get it from LaFontaine Toyota, where our Toyota-approved oil brands are more than capable of providing you with quality engine protection.

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Semi-synthetic oil changes sit right between conventional and full-synthetic oil change services. They provide some of the benefits and have some of the additives of full-synthetic oil, and give longer-lasting protection than conventional oil would. Some Toyota vehicles may specifically require a semi-synthetic oil change – check your owner’s manual to see what your vehicle specifies.

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A full-synthetic oil change for your Toyota is where you get the most bang for your buck. Though it may cost a bit more than your conventional or semi-synthetic oil change, you can rest assured that you’re receiving the best possible service for your vehicle. Full-synthetic oils provide the most protection for your vehicle during towing, off-roading, and give you greater range, so you won’t have to schedule as many. These oils also include additives that are designed to clear out some of the gunk left behind by conventional oils.

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Not all Toyota vehicles are equipped with diesel engines, but we always have diesel oils in stock in the event we need to service a diesel vehicle. Schedule your diesel oil change service online today.

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Complimentary Transportation Services at LaFontaine Toyota

Many of our customers just don’t have the time to wait for their service to be completed in our service lounges, and that’s not a problem at all when you use our complimentary transportation provided by Lyft. For your next oil change service, come to LaFontaine Toyota, where we don’t just take care of your vehicle – we take care of you, too.

Genuine Toyota Oil Change Service

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