Winter Maintenance Tips
in Dearborn, MI

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Toyota Winter Maintenance Tips in Dearborn, MI

Make sure that your car, truck, or SUV is ready to tackle the Dearborn winter. At LaFontaine Toyota, we believe that winterizing your car is important to overall safety in comfort. Here are the top tips that can help you maintain your vehicle for safe winter driving.


  1. Brake Inspection
  2. You want to make sure that your vehicle has the proper braking power on snow and icy roads. Be sure to inspect your braking system. If you notice that your braking distance is longer than usual, be sure to visit our service center right away.

  3. Tire Inspection
  4. Be sure to inspect each of your tires. This includes the tire’s tread for signs of excessive wear. Also, check the sidewalls for cracks and any damage. You may also want to consider changing out to winter tires for better traction on icy roads.

  5. Battery Test & Inspection
  6. You don’t want to deal with a dead battery during a snowstorm. Check to see if your battery is providing the right amount of cold cranking power. You can use a battery tester or take your vehicle to our service center for a complete battery test and inspection.

  7. Change Washer Fluid to Winter Blend
  8. Did you know that your vehicle’s washer fluid can freeze up in the winter? That’s why you will want to check your washer fluid to a winter blend.

  9. Check Wiper Blades
  10. During the winter, your wiper blades will be working overtime. Therefore, you will want to check for any signs of excessive wear on your wiper blades. Be sure to check for any peeling rubber or bent wiper blades.

  11. HVAC Inspection
  12. Make sure that your cabin is comfortable and that you can adequately defrost your vehicle’s windows. Run a check out on your vehicle’s heater, defroster, seat warmers, and steering wheel warmers.

  13. Check/Replace Engine Antifreeze
  14. You don’t want to have your engine freeze during a winter storm. Be sure to check your vehicle’s antifreeze levels. If needed, be sure to have your vehicle’s antifreeze replaced.

  15. Windshield Crack & Chip Inspection
  16. Small window cracks can expand quickly in the cold winter weather. Make sure you repair any chips or cracks on your vehicle’s windshield. At our service center, we provide fast and affordable windshield crack and chip repair service.

  17. Prepare a Roadside Safety Kit
  18. Be prepared for the worst. Prepare a roadside safety kit that includes flares, hazard signs, a first ad kit, and extra supplies.


Getting Your Car Ready for Winter in Wayne County, MI

Make sure that you and your vehicle occupants are safe and comfortable this winter. Be sure to follow our helpful winter maintenance tips. If you need any help getting your vehicle ready for the winter, be sure to visit our service center today at LaFontaine Toyota.

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