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Coolant Fluid Exchange at LaFontaine Toyota

A coolant fluid exchange keeps the radiator parts from rusting and wearing down and maintains the temperature in the engine from overheating. Dirty coolant can result in problems with overheating and cooling during the summer. Overall, you may end up pulled over on the side of the road because your engine has overheated or worse needs to be replaced. Your cooling and heating system needs to be flushed with a cleaner and water regularly and the coolant fluid replaced because it collects dirt and debris. This coolant can corrode your engine leading to radiator, engine, and water pump problems. All these parts are expensive to replace leading to high repair costs. At the LaFontaine Toyota service center, we have a coolant fluid exchange for your car, truck, or SUV to keep it running smoothly. We service the areas of Dearborn, Detroit, Taylor, and Westland.

Fluid Coolant Exchange in Dearborn Michigan

After 30,000 miles a coolant fluid exchange is recommenced. The coolant fluid will become rusty looking and not clear. The fluid loses its anti-corrosive property and should be changed to protect your radiator, water pump, and engine. Mineral deposits rust and dirt can clog the water pump and the engine will run hotter often causing the driver to have to pull over. This coolant fluid exchange will remove the debris that builds up over time. When new parts are put in it’s a good idea to have the coolant changed. A coolant fluid exchange is as important to your engine as an oil change. It keeps the engine from overheating, leaking, or breaking down. The radiator and water pump are what distributes the coolant to the engine.

We often run specials on coolant fluid exchanges at the LaFontaine Toyota service center. We have a comfortable waiting area, work station, children’s play area, coffee and snacks, and shuttle service to drop you off at home or work while the vehicle is being serviced.

Coolant Fluid Exchange Services in Dearborn

When you come in for a coolant fluid exchange, our technicians will test your coolant fluid to see if you need an exchange. They will hook up the machine and flush out the dirty coolant in the system and use a cleaning solution and water to clean it out. After that, they will pump in clean coolant and water to replace the dirty coolant fluid if the vehicle does not need any further repair. This will help your radiator, water pump, and engine run effectively. A coolant fluid exchange optimizes the performance and improves the longevity of the engine.

Contact Us for a Coolant System Exchange

Contact us at LaFontaine Toyota for a coolant fluid exchange if you have 30,000 miles or more or want to keep your vehicle running safely. Fill out the online form or call the service department to schedule an appointment. We service the Wayne County area and want to keep your vehicle running safely.

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