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Toyota Engine Air Filter Replacement Service in Dearborn, MI

One of the common maintenance items listed on your 30,000 or 60,000-mile service is replacing your engine air filter. At LaFontaine Toyota in Dearborn, MI, we are able to take care of this and your cabin air filter while you have your Toyota in for routine service like an oil change or new wiper blades. If you are wondering if it is a necessary part of care for your car, let’s check out some FAQs regarding engine air filters.

Restore Fuel Mileage and Prolong the Life of Your Engine

The engine air filter eliminates dust, pollen, and debris from entering the combustion chamber of your engine, which allows the engine to maintain peak efficiency and produce optimal horsepower by burning all the fuel. Over time the filter can collect so much dirt that it can start choking the air intake for your engine. If you spend a lot of time on dusty back roads or in heavily congested areas of Detroit, MI, your air filter will become clogged faster compared to driving on wide open highways during the rainy season.

Common Indications of a Clogged Engine Air Filter

How do you know if your engine air filter needs to be changed? Look for these common problems:

  • Reduce fuel mileage
  • Rough running engine
  • Backfiring or large plumes of black smoke from your exhaust
  • Service Engine Light is lit
  • Difficulty starting the engine

Should you notice any of these problems, it is time to head to our Service Center for prompt inspection and replacement of your air filter. Low air flow results in unburned fuel working its way through your engine and exhaust, which can leave carbon deposits in the engine block which can damage your pistons.

Fast and Courteous Service at LaFontaine Toyota

If it is time to have the engine air filter replaced on your Toyota RAV4 and you live in the Wayne County area, schedule an appointment with us by using our easy online form or give us a call at (833) 292-6875. Pick the time that best fits into your schedule and drop off early or after work. If you are waiting, check out our customer lounge with free Wi-Fi and kids activities or make use of our shuttle service to keep your day on track. Our certified Toyota technicians use only authorized parts that will have your ride back on the road in short order. LaFontaine Toyota is conveniently located at 2027 S Telegraph Road in Dearborn, MI. We look forward to helping you keep your Toyota in top condition all year long.




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