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Fuel System Cleaning in Wayne County

Fuel systems become clogged over time as fuel deposits build up and begin to clog the lines, or more notably, the fuel injectors. The injectors are designed to spray the fuel into the engine as a fine mist, but clogs impede the mist and result in a straight stream instead. A full fuel system cleaning involves first running a fuel additive with the gasoline to assure the lines between the gas tank and fuel injectors aren’t clogged. This step is followed by directly adding another cleaner to the injectors while the engine is still warm, followed by a thorough cleaning of the air intake system to assure the siphoning of gasoline is unimpeded. Further steps might also include inspecting and replacing as needed the fuel pump and fuel filters, which modern cars tend to have more than one of.

Do You Need Your Fuel System Cleaned?

The short answer is yes, fuel system cleaning is a necessary part of routine vehicle maintenance. When the fuel system becomes clogged, the car will experience a loss of power and get poor gas mileage because the fuel isn’t being used efficiently. Just as importantly, there is no way to test the fuel pump and filters when the system is clogged due to lack of cleaning, which will result in more expensive troubleshooting and replacing working parts when a problem occurs. When routine maintenance has been conducted a technician can diagnose a problem much easier than having to check everything which might cause the same symptoms.

What Happens when Fuel Systems Become Clogged

The most obvious symptom of a clogged fuel system is the loss of power and gas mileage. However, fuel system buildup doesn’t occur overnight, the vehicle won’t immediately show the symptom but it will occur gradually. As such, the daily driver might not notice how inefficient the car has become because they get accustomed to the problem as it slowly gets worse. A third symptom which is far more noticeable is when the system becomes so clogged as to cause a delayed response between applying pressure to the gas pedal and the car actually accelerating.

Where to Find Fuel System Services in Wayne County, MI

For fuel system services and other routine maintenance in Dearborn, outside of Detroit, MI and serving the surrounding areas of Taylor and Westland, come by LaFontaine Toyota. Our fully equipped shop and trained technicians are prepared to offer courtesy and professionalism before, during, and after performing any maintenance or repairs your car might need.

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