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 Power Steering Fluid Exchange 

Toyota Power Steering Fluid Exchange

The power steering fluid is a hydraulic type of fluid. It works to help make turning the car easier while you are driving. Many drivers may overlook the importance of changing out the power steering fluid in a car. However, it is an important component in having a car that drives smoothly. As you drive, the pressurized fluid flows into the pistons and helps to push the car in the right direction. When the wheel isn’t being turned then the valve shuts off.


Power Steering Fluid

Power Steering Fluid is based on mineral oil and it is also water-based. It’s recommended to have it looked at and checked about once every 60,000 miles.

Power Steering Maintenance

Your power steering fluid reservoir should be checked monthly to keep it in good condition. With regular use, it really shouldn’t go down too much. If it does, this can be due to a leak. Seals, o-rings, and other internal parts are necessary to help keep it running well. These may cause leaks, which can over time cause more damage to the car. A leak could negatively affect the pump and other parts of the car.

Signs To Work On Your Power Steering Fluid

If you notice it is more difficult to turn the wheel of your car, this can be because of a power steering system fluid problem. Another sign can be if the wheel is jerky to turn. If it feels jerky or erratic while you are driving, this can be because you need to change the power steering fluid. Vibrations are another indication that you need to change your car’s power steering fluid. A visible leak of fluid is never a good sign and it can be because of a power steering fluid leak. If your car is leaking fluids of any kind, please bring it into our dealership to be looked at.

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Bring your car into LaFontaine Toyota today to get your power steering fluid system looked at. We also provide many other maintenance and repairs with our factory certified and trained technicians. We use genuine OEM parts in all of our maintenance so please let us know today how we can help you. All of our services include a complimentary car wash with the maintenance or repair. Get started today with our repairs and services. Also, let us know if you want to take a car for a test drive.

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