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Toyota Radiator Service

Radiator Service at LaFontaine Toyota

Your radiator plays a vital role in your engine’s safe and optimal performance, combating the heat of the internal combustion process by keeping your engine cool. Without a properly functioning radiator, your engine is prone to overheating at the very least and serious damage at the absolute worst. Given how difficult it can be for can owners to identify issues with their radiator, it’s important that you know the signs of a failing radiator in your Toyota and how to address these issues. Our team of certified technicians at LaFontaine Toyota in Dearborn, MI are well-equipped and ready to handle any radiator issues that may arise in your Toyota vehicle.


Signs of a Failing Radiator

Your Toyota’s engine works hard putting in the miles for you, and the radiator is what keeps your engine from overheating during this hard work. Given that radiators are typically made of metal and plastic, the less-durable plastic is occasionally vulnerable to cracks and leaks, making it much more difficult for your radiator to cool your engine. Thus, the first sign you may notice of a failing radiator is an overheating engine. A simple faulty thermostat may cause this, but either way, you’ll want to schedule service at LaFontaine Toyota to have our professionals look at it. Leaks are also common in faulty radiators – you may begin to notice a red, yellow, or green fluid leaking under your vehicle. Low engine coolant can also indicate a leak in your radiator. Lastly, if your coolant begins to turn into sludge, you will experience issues. This happens when, as your radiator goes bad, contaminants discolor your fluid and cause it to deteriorate, making it much more difficult for the radiator to cool your engine.

You Won’t Get Far with a Bad Radiator

It’s vitally important to have your Toyota scheduled for service with LaFontaine Toyota if you believe your radiator is failing. We’ve all seen the unfortunate drivers who are pulled off onto the side of the highway with steam emanating from their engine – almost always a case of a failing radiator. Not addressing radiator issues early enough leaves you vulnerable to being stranded because of a breakdown, and leaves your engine prone to much more severe damage from overheating. Engine repairs due to prolonged overheating and poor fluid are never cheap.

Scheduling Service with LaFontaine Toyota , MI is Simple

Our online scheduling tool makes for a stress-free way to book your appointment without having to make a phone call. We carry OEM Toyota parts and provide genuine certified service. We offer complimentary transportation provided by Lyft, in the event that you need a ride to an alternate location while waiting for your service. Our newly-remodeled waiting areas/service lounges are equipped with complimentary WiFi, beverages, and snacks to keep you entertained and refreshed. Call our service department or schedule online today.


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Service Amenities:

  • Complimentary transportation provided by Lyft
  • Newly remodeled waiting areas/service lounges
  • Quiet area with workstations
  • Complimentary Wifi
  • Complimentary Beverages and Snacks
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  • Coming in May to the Dearborn area… 5G cellular service
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