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 Toyota Spark Plug Replacement Service 

New Spark Plugs in Dearborn, MI

When was the last time you had your oil changed? How about a tire rotation? Spark plugs? That third one gets a lot of people. Spark plugs don’t need to be serviced as often as other parts on your Toyota, and they often go forgotten. In reality, spark plugs need regular service too. So, if you’re not sure how long it’s been, consider taking your vehicle in for a spark plug replacement service.


Spark Plug Replacement Service

This is one of the most straightforward services a mechanic can provide for a vehicle. The essence is that the current spark plugs are removed and inspected. If they’re due for replacement, then they are replaced. That’s the bulk of what happens. The process of replacing the plugs will enable a mechanic to look closely at how your fuel system is running. Spark plug damage can indicate underlying problems that might shorten the life of your vehicle, so it’s always a good idea to let an expert eye inspect your plugs. It’s also worth noting the spark plug replacements can be more complicated than they seem. Many modern vehicles require you to remove multiple layers of engine components to access the plugs. It’s just one more reason to let an expert handle the work.

What If I Hold Off on Replacing My Spark Plugs?

On average, spark plugs should be replaced every one to two years. Some plugs last even longer than that. Regardless, they eventually suffer from wear. The spark plug works by arcing a current across a gap. That arcing electricity is what ignites the fuel in the engine. That means that spark plugs are routinely exposed to extreme conditions, and eventually, it takes a toll.

As spark plugs wear, they often build up carbon scoring. That can change the resistance across the arc gap, introduce foreign material to the gap and create other issues that mess up the plug’s ability to create a spark on command. At first, this will kill your fuel efficiency. Eventually, it can lead to mistiming and a complete failure to spark. These are issues that can damage the engine at best and leave the vehicle inoperable at worst. Ignoring spark plug replacement will eventually get very costly.

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LaFontaine Toyota serves the Detroit area, including Taylor, Westland, and Dearborn. We offer a stress-free service. While you wait to have your plugs changed, you can enjoy our free Wi-Fi, coffee and snacks and play area (for the kids). For more advanced services we offer loaner vehicles and after-hours drop-off. In all, we want to service your car to feel painless.

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