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Toyota Upsizing Wheels and Tires

All About Upsizing Wheels and Tires at LaFontaine Toyota

Tires are the sole point of contact between your vehicle and the road. The wheel-tire assembly size plays an essential role in performance, handling, and aesthetics. Many drivers are interested in upsizing because of the advantages. But with all advantages, there are disadvantages to consider. We have organized important information for our customers regarding replacement tires. Be sure to study the advantages and disadvantages when making your upsizing decision at LaFontaine Toyota in Dearborn, MI.


What is Wheel-Tire Upsizing?

Upsizing, also known as plus-sizing, is installing wheels with a larger diameter. Upsizing generally works like this: as the wheel rim gets larger in diameter, the tire sidewall must get smaller to keep the same overall wheel-tire assembly diameter. The overall diameter must remain the same because the wheels must fit within the fender; plus, a larger diameter will affect the gearing-speedometer calibration.

Upsizing Benefits

  • Appearance – Few auto enthusiasts will argue against this point: bigger rims and smaller sidewalls look better compared to smaller rims and larger sidewalls. Upsized car wheels look sporty; upsized SUV wheels look rugged. Visual appeal is the #1 reason why drivers choose to upsize.
  • Handling – Stiffer sidewalls and wider tread translate into better handling and cornering.
  • Traction – Bigger tires have a larger contact area, which means better braking.

Upsizing Risks

  • Weight/Efficiency – Upsizing naturally increases weight. Larger and heavier wheel-tire assemblies are proven to reduce acceleration and fuel economy. Research has shown that upsizing is associated with a 10% drop in fuel efficiency and a 4% drop in 0-60mph acceleration.
  • Suspension – Upsizing is associated with a bumpier ride. The suspension is designed with a recommended tire size. Larger tires reduce the suspension’s ability to smooth bumps, which can adversely impact driving comfort.
  • Cost – Bigger wheels/tires cost more.
  • Rapid Tire Wear – Upsizing is associated with faster tire wear.
  • Speedometer Error – If the overall wheel-tire assembly increases, it will cause a speedometer miscalibration with an erroneous speed reading.
  • Rim Damage – Bigger tires with smaller sidewalls increase the risk of rim damage.

Order New Wheels & Tires at LaFontaine Toyota

If you have decided to upsize your wheels/tires, we have you covered with new wheels and tires at the genuine Toyota parts and accessories department. You can shop online at your convenience or call the parts department to place an order. You can also schedule installation service conveniently online or by calling the service department at LaFontaine Toyota in Dearborn, MI.


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